ISKCON Network has launched ISKCON.NET – the free new communication and collaboration platform for ISKCON devotees globally.

At the core of ISKCON.NET is G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps): Google’s business-class tools for web, desktop, tablet and mobile. Devotees will benefit from the familiar and excellent Gmail interface and features, but with an email address ending The domain name was chosen over and because these latter two domain names are for ISKCON’s official websites, therefore this alternative domain name enables participation from a much broader range of devotees.

Devotees can choose to sign up as either as Internal Users or as External Contacts:

  • Internal Users get an email address and access to ISKCON.NET products, including a global directory of contacts and groups.
  • External Contacts are devotees who do not want to use ISKCON.NET products but want to appear in the global directory for the benefit of Internal Users.

Both Internal Users and External Contacts can join ISKCON.NET mailing lists/conferences, powered by G Suite Google Groups for Business. The contacts in external mailing lists/conferences can be easily migrated to ISKCON.NET Google Groups.

The website gives information about the initial set of products at launch, including:

  • G Suite by Google: A package of business-class tools for communication and collaboration, including email, mailing lists, contacts, calendars, online document collaboration, data storage, chat, audio and video conferencing.
  • Workplace by Facebook: A private social network as familiar as but only for ISKCON, for networking, ideation, communication, project management and regular updates.
  • Asana for Project Management: The powerful cloud-based project management tool that helps move work forward.
  • Microsoft Office 365: Business class communication and collaboration tools including Office Online for document creation and collaboration, Skype for Business for real-time communication and SharePoint for knowledge-sharing.
  • ISKCON Centres, Events, Jobs: The official global directories for ISKCON’s local leaders to promote their centres, and for devotees and the public to find out what’s going on in ISKCON.
  • Single Sign-On from Google: Federated authentication and identity directory for custom apps across ISKCON.

ISKCON Network, being a non-profit organisation, benefits from generous free donations of software and services from Google for Nonprofits, Microsoft Philanthropies and Facebook.

Devotees can sign up on and get started quickly, without any permissions or paperwork. For managers of centres, teams and projects, specific use case examples are given at that illustrate the benefits of migrating to ISKCON.NET.

Devotees that already have Gmail or Google Accounts will find it easy to use multiple Google Accounts in the same browser or Google app such as Gmail. Devotees are encouraged to use ISKCON.NET email and products for their ISKCON seva.

Gopal Bhatta Das, Chairman of ISKCON Network and Head of GBC Strategic Planning, said: “ISKCON.NET will help transform ISKCON into a leaner, more efficient and more productive movement for the benefit of society at large. With these new tools at our disposal, ISKCON’s leaders and volunteers will be able to better plan and manage projects.”

Atmarama Krishna Das, CEO of ISKCON Network, said: “Srila Prabhupada wants us to always be in the mood of service. By challenging ourselves to learn new technologies and skills, we’ll be able to do much more. With ISKCON.NET, we are empowering global leaders, local leaders and congregation members; we are consolidating technology and infrastructure; we are decentralising project ideation, creation and management and removing barriers to collaboration. We’re just getting started – expect much more.”


About ISKCON Network
ISKCON Network is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit religious corporation, authorised by ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission (GBC) Executive Committee and GBC Ministry of Communications, and supported by GBC Organisational Development and GBC Strategic Planning Team. Its mandate is to help move ISKCON forward by rolling out powerful tools that will help devotees to transform ISKCON in the digital age.